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Ezekiel"s Bones: Rekindling Your Congregation's Spiritual Passion

Ezekiel"s Bones: Rekindling Your Congregation's Spiritual Passion

By Bill Kemp

If even the minister is bored with worship, yours may be a church with low spiritual passion. Getting out of this rut requires more than a gifted pastor or the church's participation in some new program. It requires refocusing the whole congregation's attention upon the problem.

Spiritual Passion is the fuel that keeps churches and individual Christians active and excited about their faith. With Spiritual Passion, congregations have a gift to share with the world. Without it, they are poor, meek, and defensive in their behavior. When Spiritual Passion is high in a church; people pray with expectation, they read their Bibles and find that what they read, matters, they witness with joy, and bring their emotional heart to worship. Ezekiel’s Bones tells you how to lift your congregation’s Spiritual Passion. Further, Bill Kemp promises that if you elevate a congregation’s Spiritual Passion, their stewardship will follow and more money will go towards the important work of the church.

Just as a little yeast raises a whole batch of dough, so a group of committed lay people can raise the Spiritual Passion of the whole congregation.

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  • Chapters Include:

    ◆ Good Leaders Focus on Building Passion
    ◆ Getting Your Act Together Isn’t Enough
    ◆ Good Leaders Look for Biblical Mandates
    ◆ Witness with Joy
    ◆ The Money Will Be There
    ◆ Good Leaders Aren’t Fooled by Good Looks
    ◆ Good Leaders Seek New Perspectives
    ◆ The Bones Become an Army

  • About this series...

    Ezekiel’s Bones was published by Discipleship Resources as part of a church leadership 6 book set. Other books include: Jonah’s Whale, David's Harp, Saul's Arm, Jesus' New Command, and Peter's Boat.

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"How to raise Spiritual Passion" is one of the most requested workshops offered by Bill Kemp

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