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Fixing Church 7.0: a small group study about church basics

Fixing Church 7.0: a small group study about church basics

Fixing Church 7.0 gets people talking. Thinking differently about Church leads to exciting results.

Fixing  Church starts at the beginning -- What did Jesus really say about Church? Why is his first message to a congregation all about blessing? How does my church bless me? Do I bless others when I spend my time in church? And most importantly, How can my congregation become Church with a capital C?

Fixing Church's seven short chapters are geared towards getting people talking. Each session (designed for a one hour small group or class) has both questions and challenging discussion starters. Further resources and web links are also included. Pastors will find a sermon starter kit on Bill Kemp's website for help in tying the content into a seven week series. Topics covered are:

  • How to be a Blessing
  • How to make your Spiritual Life more enthusiastic
  • The joy of real Compassion and mission work
  • The nature of Fellowship (and how to fix it when it's broke)
  • What makes Worship inspiring? (It's not what people assume)
  • How to get back to our Biblical roots
  • (and finally) The eternal Soul of the Church.
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