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Jonah's Whale: Reconnecting the Congregation with Mission

Jonah's Whale: Reconnecting the Congregation with Mission

By Bill Kemp

Why should missions matter to the average church attender? How do we reignite our congregation’s enthusiasm for outreach ministries? And how do we ensure that our mission giving and ministries really help those in need?

When it comes to reaching those in need, most churches today are like Jonah, either asleep at the wheel or heading in the wrong direction. Bill Kemp believes each church has a unique calling, a mission that only it can fulfill. Small group process, lay involvement, and practicing prayerful discernment are key components in the prescription that he offers. Further, people rarely become enthusiastic about their church unless they see it transforming lives.

Do Justice + Love Mercy + Humbly Serve Your Community  (Micah 6:8)

This book is suitable for Mission Committees and Church Council Retreats

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  • About this series...

    Jonah's Whale was published by Discipleship Resources as part of a church leadership 6 book set. Other books include: Ezekiel's Bones, David's Harp, Saul's Arm, Jesus' New Command, and Peter's Boat.

  • Reviews:

    "I strongly urge every clergy and lay person desiring to claim God's mission where they live to form a small group and study this book together." -- Julia Kuln Wallace

About the Author

Bill Kemp is a popular workshop presenter and has developed a number of tools for helping congregations discern their unique mission in their community. He also hosts podcasts, blogs, and provides interim leadership in congregations going through major transition or seeking to discern the path forward in these complicated times.

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