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The Church Transition Workbook: Getting Your Church in Gear

The Church Transition Workbook: Getting Your Church in Gear

By Bill Kemp

Solid. Well researched. Easy to understand. This book helps leaders lead in times of transition.

Change happens, nothing ever stays the same forever. We know this. But, why is major change so painful for church leaders? This book talks about change and transition in simple terms. It is a must-read for:

 + Pastor/Staff-Parish Relations or Search Committees working through a staff or clergy transition. It provides a step-by-step process for introducing the new person to the congregation and helping the old exit.

 + Church leaders who are seeking to do something bold and new. Perhaps it involves adding a contemporary worship service, consolidating staff and/or rethinking their responsibilities, or moving to a new location

 + Vision Committees for congregations in changing neighborhoods.

 + Those practicing discernment in times of denominational upheaval.

Is your church stuck? Do you go around and around, discussing the need for change, but fail to get anything off the ground? This book helps people talk about their fears and plan for the future.

Perfect for Small Groups, PPRC Committees, Search Committees, and Planning retreats.

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    "Our congregation is in a "visioning" process and I've found Kemp's book very helpful. Although his format doesn't exactly fit our situation, the principles and suggestions are so very insightful, emerging from his personal experience and wisdom. It is full of gems for any church facing transition (resulting from any circumstance). Our's is a transition of constituency and context. We've had no crisis (and the book is great for crisis recovery), but Kemp's insights have been highly applicable." - David E McIntyre (Suburban Pastor)

    "I planned a church retreat on transition using this book as a guide. It's well written and proposes great solutions." - tasteful analyst (an Amazon Customer)

About the Author

Bill Kemp is a trained intentional transitional consultant and interim pastor with over twenty years of experience in this specialized ministry. He hosts the Trained Transitional Interim Interim Ministry podcast at