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Going Home: 
Facing Life’s Final Moments Without Fear

Going Home: 
Facing Life’s Final Moments Without Fear

Kemp, a Methodist pastor, and Arnett, a reporter and cancer survivor, offer this guide to help Christians who have been diagnosed with terminal illness. In ultra-short chapters (kept brief so they can be useful to those who are fatigued by illness), the authors deal with many of the relational issues that the dying may be struggling with: How can I know that I'll go to heaven? Should I be preparing for death or holding out hope for a miracle cure? Why do I feel so alone, even when there are loved ones around me? How do I cope with the physical pain? How can I forgive others and myself? Why have some friends deserted me? How can I best help my loved ones get through this?

5.5x8.5 140pages Paperback

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    Bill and Diane began this book when their friend, Josephine, became terminally ill. There just didn't seem to be anything on the market that presented our Christian hope in life eternal in the right way. They decided to create a resource that was both practical and authentic.

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